• Ammonite fossil cut in half and polished to make a perfect pair for earrings.  Real fossils about 120 million years old.  I make a few of these and the photo is a good representation however the colour may have a small variant. All are exact pairs.   Set in Sterling Silver the earrings have a bit of movement which makes them lovely to wear. Total drop length 4cm x 1.5cm wide. ammonite 3mm thick.
  • Ammonite Fossil approx 120 million years old.  Amazing specimen, polished and set with Sterling Silver.  Every one is different with colour variations and chamber of crystals or crystalline structure. 60mm x 75mm x 10mm. Chain included 50cm Sterling Silver.

    Ammonite Fossil front view

    Ammonite Fossil Back view

  • Ammonite Fossil 120 million years old.  Set with Sterling Silver. Surface Polished and natural on the back with colours from the stone. Colours of the fossil may vary slightly as many are of these are polished in the workshop. Approx 12mmx10mm x4mm.  Quality Italian chain 45cm.

    back view

  • Wow, Australian Sapphire also cut and polished in Australia.  Beautiful blue stone leading towards teal.  Hand made ring for the stone, 9ct solid Gold. Size K1/2 (or5.5). 4mm sapphire.

    Beauty of an Australian Sapphire

    9ct Gold and Australian Sapphire

    9ct solid Gold and Sapphire

    Take me home!

  • Famous for being found in Dundas Tasmania this mineral specimen is from the Adelaide mine.  Lead Chromate.  Hardness 2-3.  Structure, Monoclinic. Small specimen including matrix  5cmx2.5cmx2.5cm largest crystal approx 5mm long x 1mm. Small crystals in the matrix underneath too.

    Small specimen Crocoite

    blown up pic of crystals

  • Tasmanian Crocoite. Famous for being found in Dundas Tasmania this mineral specimen is from the Adelaide mine.  Lead Chromate.  Hardness 2-3.  Structure, Monoclinic. Very rare to now get such big a specimen.  This would be the crown in most peoples collection.  Collection from the shop only, too fragile to ship. or contact our shop.      38cm x 15cm x 15cm longest single crystal 18mm x 2 average 10mm x 1mm

    museum cabinet size

    close up of crystals

  • Tell the world to go away for a while.  All the protection stones from negativity and poor energy. Blue Tiger Eye , Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Tourmilanated Quartz, Turquoise and Sterling Silver 22cm long

    FO Bracelet

    Fo Brac

  • FO Brac

    We can tell the world to go away and still take care of ourselves and have a little bling.  So this protection bracelet has the added bling of real Pearls and faceted Quartz.  Black Tourmaline Crystal, Hematite, Pink tourmaline, Green Tourmaline and Chalcedony.  With Sterling Silver. 23cm long.
  • Another in the range of telling the world to stay out of your energy.  Give yourself a break and keep your energy for you.  Protection from others negativity.  Black Tourmaline Crystal, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Turquoise, Chalcedony & Sterling Silver.  21cm long

    Fo Brac sideview

    FO Brac

  • Hand made hammered Sterling Silver rings.  Have what ever hammered texture you would like, the size of ring you would like and the width of the ring you would like.  Its all hand made so you can have what you would like!  Just e mail me for a quote with the sizes.
  • Out of stock
    Hiddenite is the stone of emotional balance. It is the teacher of learning about ourselves and our relationships with others and how to express joy and happiness. Belief in yourself and understanding the signposts of your emotions. Express joy and happiness and bring yourself to balance. Rare crystal this is yellow Spodumene (pink Spodumene is Kunzite). Perfect natural crystal not cut or polished. Dimensions Ring Size 10 : T1/2 Crystal 3cm x 1cmx .8 cm
  • Killiecrankie Diamond in Solid silver with 4 faceted stones. Killiecrankie Diamonds show us how to relax and take a breath, remember your life is as fun as you make it.  One of a kind. Large size 50g wight . 4x 5mm Killiecrankie Diamonds. 60mm length x 67mm wide

    Killiecrankie Diamond Cuff Solid Silver.. The stones are found in Killiecrankie in Flinders Island and are a Topaz but are called Killiecrankie Diamonds.

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